January 2012

Congrats Rokbottom !!
He's been releasing tracks with some of the Roots Crew on Verses... Dice, Porn, etc,,Cool tracks, with an awesome vibe...and with the new Roots album dropping, very current...follow link... rokbottom

We're working on finishing an album for Black Cowgirl that will be released in europe on vinyl by a German Label. They have been opening up for CKY this year in the U.S. They're a really great groove rock band. ....Follow link blackcowgirl

Headstone 118 has released their album and sales are brisk. They are a Creedlike rock band with spiritual undertones.  Follow link
Headstone118     or

Reed (Elisha Kane)  runs the open mike night at Steel City Coffee House. His rockabilly album is for sale at shows there...
Follow link  elishakane

Capa's new project is finished, and will be released soon.

-Long Shot Hero-

Has continued to sell cd's even though they broke up....

Long Shot Hero Links